Between States  -

Seamus Green, Katherine Midgley, James Parkinson, James Pimperton

The Exchange, Penzance - 19th March to 14th April, 2012 

Through abstraction, industrial architecture and composite landscapes, each of these artists offer the viewer an enticing non-space that is open to be interpreted, engaged with and re-invented.
Between States’ brings together paintings that evoke fictitious landscapes where three-point perspective is abandoned and the laws of physics no longer apply, to drawings that suggest cold and suffocating environments with fastidious application. A sense of instability runs through the core of the show with an exploration of a liminal zone that lies in the space where abstraction and representation dissolve into one another. The exhibition is a platform for the artists to investigate the rules, nature and dynamism of the collapse between these two visual states and the resulting position where both may exist.